The Nest Learning Thermostat: A Futuristic Look at Heating and Air

The Nest Learning Thermostat

Knowledge is Power

This new breakthrough in home heating and cooling has been turning heads. Nest is a company that has made customers take a second look at the simple thermostat. Nest has been able to create an interactive thermostat that not only heats and cools the customer’s home, but it learns when customers need temperature adjusting the most. This learning process continually updates itself without having to be constantly programmed. Teaching your Nest thermostat is as easy as a few turns of the nozzle. ┬áNest also provides an easy to use user interface that simplifies the act of heating or cooling a home. Features such as the Nest Leaf make it easy for customers to see at what temperatures cause them to save money by heating and cooling their house efficiently. This revolutionary thermostat can lower a customers heating and air costs by 20%.

Smartphone = SmartHome
Nest has been able to implement smartphone integration into their thermostats. Nest includes a free iOS or Android download to accompany their learning thermostat. With this app, customers can change their thermostat anywhere they have an internet connection. Nest also sends you history reports to your smartphone or tablet to show you how the thermostat has been heating and cooling a home. This convenience factor is something that traditional thermostats simply can not match. This type of technological integration is what makes Nest’s Learning Thermostat ahead of its time.

Nest’s 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat will cost a significant amount at first. The thermostat retails for $249.99. Now for some this would be too steep of a price to pay for a thermostat. However, after looking at the savings and the overall product features, it’s hard to argue that this thermostat would not add a futuristic aspect to a home’s heating and cooling system for customers who can afford it.

The Verdict
Nest provides a fresh and new look to a very outdated technology. This fun and easy to use thermostat can provide cost saving benefits that outweigh the original sticker price. Hopefully this new technology will be here to stay and continue to drastically improve the way customers look at heating and cooling a household.

Nest Thermostat