Emerging Roofing Technologies

There have been a decent amount of new technologies coming into the roofing industry lately. Innovation has created affordable and awesome new roof options for both commercial businesses and consumers.

The biggest piece of roofing innovation that you should be aware of is green roofing technology. Engineers and scientists are working on creating roofs that are lighter, stronger, more durable, cheaper and less impactful on the environment. Green roofing may also positively affect your home’s insulation, effectively reducing energy costs every month!

Another interesting piece of new roofing technology is called cool roof coating. It is made to prolong the life span of a roof by a large amount. It’s use is to reflect UV rays from the sun and increased protection against all types of stressors of the environment. It can severely decrease your roof temperature, up to 70 degrees. It is also a very affordable upgrade.

Flat roofing has also received some technological advances that has made it a better option than it has been in the past. Modified butimen membranes can offer hybrid built in option for your roof. Single ply EPDM is really good value, flexible and extremely lightweight.

Keith Miller, a roofing contractor in Bloomington, IL, does excellent work and may employ some of these technologies in the future.

Advances in robotics will allow for improved material creation as they are more precise. This will also speed up the manufacturing process and make parts cheaper. Aerial imaging and drones may be increasingly used for inspections and estimations.