Technology and gadgets in the workplace.

We’re interested to hear and talk about how small businesses today are using technology in the work place. The caveat is we are interested how to use technology outside of actual work activities. What we mean by this is what type of TVs do you have in the office? Do you have a chrome cast or some type of streaming device connected? Do you have any video game consoles hooked up in the break room? Things like that are what we’re interested in.

If you don’t have any of the things mentioned, you may want to consider picking some things up. Having technology such as those can give employees a better break and help them feel more refreshed going back to work rather than just sitting there, eating and coming back. Some may argue having these types of devices may lower productivity but if they are located in a community break room then it won’t be easily abusable.

Mavidea Technology Group is a technology services firm focused on managed IT, web design and internet marketing. As you can probably guess, they try to be a bit tech-savvy. They have a Flat screen set up in the conference room, small meeting office and in the kitchen/breakroom. They also have an Amazon Fire stick with a controller to stream. This allows people to watch some netflix or get together and play a group game like Fibbage during break time. It increases employee happiness and also builds employee relationships when they get to do these fun activities together.