More dentist technology updates!

Our last post on dental technology was quite popular and we missed a few good ones so we thought we would do a second edition!

  1. Invisalign – A relatively new type of braces that are clear and almost invisible. They are a huge upgrade from regular metal braces. They are lighter, easier to clean, more effective and don’t have restrictions on types of food you can eat. They are also less painful and take less time than normal braces. Invisalign is a huge step forward in orthodontic technology that is readily available at many dentists offices. Here is a dentist in Springfield IL that carries invisalign type braces.
  2. Laser Dentistry. Lasers have become much more common and integrated into regular dental practices in the recent years. Lasers can be used in filling cavities, reducing tooth sensitivity, getting rid of tumors and teeth whitening, as well as many more procedures. Lasers are quicker than normal procedures and much more effective at the same time. It destroys bacteria without any problems. Sylvester Family Dental is an example of a dentist that uses laser technology to give patients the best oral care possible.

Those are all we have for dental technology updates today. There are only two but they are two very important ones that we didn’t get to mention in the first article.