What are liftgates?

Liftgates, or more commonly known as a hydraulic lift, is a piece of equipment usually used to “lift” large or heavy objects. The most common applications are in the automotive industry for raising cars, shipping for shipping and receiving from the transportation vehicle, and for waste removal. They are extremely useful in raising and lowering machines, tools, people, cargo, as well as holding up cars.

Hydraulic lifts are powered by….you guessed it….hydraulic pressure.  Most of the time, the hydraulic pressure is generated by an air compressor. The air compressor will pressurize the hydraulic oil and make it lift the load. The air compressor needs enough time to create enough pressure or it will not lift. Some lift gates also use a motor pump to pressurize the hydraulic fluid.

Safety is a very important concern when it comes to operating a liftgate They can be extremely dangerous when operated carelessly or if reckless behavior is happening in the presence of one.

Lift gates or hydraulic lifts are very commonly used with transport machinery. They are often integrated with vehicles or loading stations with internal motors to make life easier to put it simply. Lift gates come in many different shapes, sizes, brands depending on their application.

Hydraulic lifts also have applications in other miscellaneous areas. One such area is in hospitals or nursing facilities. It can allow the movement impaired to access problematic locations.

More dentist technology updates!

Our last post on dental technology was quite popular and we missed a few good ones so we thought we would do a second edition!

  1. Invisalign – A relatively new type of braces that are clear and almost invisible. They are a huge upgrade from regular metal braces. They are lighter, easier to clean, more effective and don’t have restrictions on types of food you can eat. They are also less painful and take less time than normal braces. Invisalign is a huge step forward in orthodontic technology that is readily available at many dentists offices. Here is a dentist in Springfield IL that carries invisalign type braces.
  2. Laser Dentistry. Lasers have become much more common and integrated into regular dental practices in the recent years. Lasers can be used in filling cavities, reducing tooth sensitivity, getting rid of tumors and teeth whitening, as well as many more procedures. Lasers are quicker than normal procedures and much more effective at the same time. It destroys bacteria without any problems. Sylvester Family Dental is an example of a dentist that uses laser technology to give patients the best oral care possible.

Those are all we have for dental technology updates today. There are only two but they are two very important ones that we didn’t get to mention in the first article.

Latest in technology for dentists

Oral health care is becoming better than ever. Many new technologies are emerging that are more effective, safer and cheaper to use.

  1. Digital X-rays are replacing the traditional radiographs. With, digital x-rays, an electronic sensor is placed in the mouth instead of film to get the image. With this method, the images are more easily transferred to a computer to view. It is also much faster than processing film from a radiograph. It is safer than a radiograph because the amount of radiation used is greatly reduced. Digital x-rays also tend to get a more complete view of your oral health state. It will capture more accurately than the radiograph.
  2. Laser detection of cavities. In the past, dentists have used a metal “poker” to scrape teeth to find areas where cavities have occurred from tooth decay. With new technology, dentists are able to detect cavities and tooth decay with lasers. This works because healthy teeth exposed to the laser will not glow, and teeth with decay will glow proportionate to the level of tooth decay.
  3. Computer assisted manufacturing allows for dentists to create their own molds for teeth in office instead of placing a temporary one while they wait for a dental lab to create it and send back.
  4. There are now much better filling materials as well as bonding ones. Today’s materials can now more closely match the current color of the tooth as well as have a more natural look besides the coloring. Ragle Dental is a lab that utilizes these new technology for a higher quality product. Resin is used for bondings which is a plastic and porcelain is usually used for fillings. Many local dentists are using them now, including this Fort Wayne, IN dentist and Lafayette, IN dentist.

As you can see, there is a ton of progress being made that has created huge strides in dental health. It is becoming higher quality, less costly and much less hazardous. To continue on with this, Ragle Dental is adental

Technology and gadgets in the workplace.

We’re interested to hear and talk about how small businesses today are using technology in the work place. The caveat is we are interested how to use technology outside of actual work activities. What we mean by this is what type of TVs do you have in the office? Do you have a chrome cast or some type of streaming device connected? Do you have any video game consoles hooked up in the break room? Things like that are what we’re interested in.

If you don’t have any of the things mentioned, you may want to consider picking some things up. Having technology such as those can give employees a better break and help them feel more refreshed going back to work rather than just sitting there, eating and coming back. Some may argue having these types of devices may lower productivity but if they are located in a community break room then it won’t be easily abusable.

Mavidea Technology Group is a technology services firm focused on managed IT, web design and internet marketing. As you can probably guess, they try to be a bit tech-savvy. They have a Flat screen set up in the conference room, small meeting office and in the kitchen/breakroom. They also have an Amazon Fire stick with a controller to stream. This allows people to watch some netflix or get together and play a group game like Fibbage during break time. It increases employee happiness and also builds employee relationships when they get to do these fun activities together.

Emerging Roofing Technologies

There have been a decent amount of new technologies coming into the roofing industry lately. Innovation has created affordable and awesome new roof options for both commercial businesses and consumers.

The biggest piece of roofing innovation that you should be aware of is green roofing technology. Engineers and scientists are working on creating roofs that are lighter, stronger, more durable, cheaper and less impactful on the environment. Green roofing may also positively affect your home’s insulation, effectively reducing energy costs every month!

Another interesting piece of new roofing technology is called cool roof coating. It is made to prolong the life span of a roof by a large amount. It’s use is to reflect UV rays from the sun and increased protection against all types of stressors of the environment. It can severely decrease your roof temperature, up to 70 degrees. It is also a very affordable upgrade.

Flat roofing has also received some technological advances that has made it a better option than it has been in the past. Modified butimen membranes can offer hybrid built in option for your roof. Single ply EPDM is really good value, flexible and extremely lightweight.

Keith Miller, a roofing contractor in Bloomington, IL, does excellent work and may employ some of these technologies in the future.

Advances in robotics will allow for improved material creation as they are more precise. This will also speed up the manufacturing process and make parts cheaper. Aerial imaging and drones may be increasingly used for inspections and estimations.


What is Geothermal HVAC?

Geothermal heating is some what of a new phenomenon and is beginning to catch on especially in the commercial and industrial markets.  The ground of the Earth absorbs a lot of solar energy and maintains a stable warm temperature.  Through the use of “loops”, an underground piping system, circulates water from the ground to your home and heats your water, house, and operates your AC.

The best part of Geothermal Heating and Cooling is the extreme efficiency and money savings it provides.  Installing this particular HVAC system can save you up to 80% of your usual HVAC costs!  The installation of such systems is quite a bit more expensive, but after you factor in the cost savings monthly it’s a no brainer.

The Nest Learning Thermostat: A Futuristic Look at Heating and Air

The Nest Learning Thermostat

Knowledge is Power

This new breakthrough in home heating and cooling has been turning heads. Nest is a company that has made customers take a second look at the simple thermostat. Nest has been able to create an interactive thermostat that not only heats and cools the customer’s home, but it learns when customers need temperature adjusting the most. This learning process continually updates itself without having to be constantly programmed. Teaching your Nest thermostat is as easy as a few turns of the nozzle.  Nest also provides an easy to use user interface that simplifies the act of heating or cooling a home. Features such as the Nest Leaf make it easy for customers to see at what temperatures cause them to save money by heating and cooling their house efficiently. This revolutionary thermostat can lower a customers heating and air costs by 20%.

Smartphone = SmartHome
Nest has been able to implement smartphone integration into their thermostats. Nest includes a free iOS or Android download to accompany their learning thermostat. With this app, customers can change their thermostat anywhere they have an internet connection. Nest also sends you history reports to your smartphone or tablet to show you how the thermostat has been heating and cooling a home. This convenience factor is something that traditional thermostats simply can not match. This type of technological integration is what makes Nest’s Learning Thermostat ahead of its time.

Nest’s 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat will cost a significant amount at first. The thermostat retails for $249.99. Now for some this would be too steep of a price to pay for a thermostat. However, after looking at the savings and the overall product features, it’s hard to argue that this thermostat would not add a futuristic aspect to a home’s heating and cooling system for customers who can afford it.

The Verdict
Nest provides a fresh and new look to a very outdated technology. This fun and easy to use thermostat can provide cost saving benefits that outweigh the original sticker price. Hopefully this new technology will be here to stay and continue to drastically improve the way customers look at heating and cooling a household.

Nest Thermostat